Blazing new career paths for women.

Promoting leadership and economic acceleration for women. 



Welcome to Mommies Creating Economies®.

We are the leadership and business development  organization of the Ms. Mogul brand®. Our trademarked mantras are "Every woman can be a mogul® and you can create your own economy®."  Here's why.

Our Mission.

Since our inception, we have been strategic and intentional in our focus - creating new economic possibilities for women, providing experienced and tested mentoring, relevant education and training with our hands on the pulse of the American economic market and real estate investing industry. 


Who We Are In The Real Estate Investing Space.

As a trailblazer in online real estate education and women's leadership, our goals are simple: to serve business leaders stateside and globally; provide innovative strategies and creative thinking when approaching a deal or business opportunity; be an ecosystem of creative problem solving in business; mentor the next generation of leaders;  and provide opportunities to build strategic alliances for sustained investing success.

A MoguLife® company, we offer online real estate investing courses with our sights on accreditation for entrepreneurship and business management.  

Your Partner and Mentor In Business and Leadership.

 We provide unparalleled course work, dominating the industry in industry knowledge and access to multi-million dollar mentors and portfolios for our members.  From access to lead generation, riveting on-line classes, opportunities to invest, and a mentoring program that turns cubs into investing lionesses, we believe we are uniquely equipped to help you #CreateYourOwnEconomy®.




Become a member. Accelerate your wealth and business.

Join us today.  Membership has its privileges.

While our mission is focused on elevating the masses in real estate success, our commitment to members is paramount.  

With various partnerships, members leverage discounts to meetups, exclusive masterminds with the founder and other million-dollar investors, invitation-only sessions with crowdfunders, bankers, economists, and strategists.  Members also leverage exclusive access to retreats, conferences, a LinkedIn group for deals and higher-level leads, and more.


Our students are closing the achievement gap for women...
Creating successful  investing businesses and jobs for the local economy...
Forming industry-related networks and strategic partnerships for domestic and global business success.

Continue your training with MoguL-U®.

We believe your economic success lies in creating your own company, economy, and possibility.  Many women enter the industry only hoping to earn a commission.  We believe you are capable of so much more.


Join our leadership network, M.C.E.

Leverage.  Capacity.  Camaraderie.

That is the culture of our MCE Community.  History  has always demonstrated that women are stronger when we collaborate and believe in the power of of collaborative effort.


Businesses scale M.C.E. Grow with us.

We provide immediate opportunities for industry and community partners to connect directly with their target audience and scale in sales goals.  We empower our partners to advance their mission and meet the demands of their respective communities..  Connect now.



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