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Grow with us.

Who we are.

MOGUL-U Real Estate Academy® is  positioned to meet the task of shattering glass ceilings and earnings barriers for women. 


How you ask?  Our approach to real estate investing education  trains women leaders to create their own economy which becomes an ecosystem of financial possibility.


Our focus.

Our focus is  economic problem-solving.  We accomplish this via job creation throughout each stage of the investing cycle, answering these questions; 1. How can we scale operations using skilled labor in the environment? 2. How can we provide opportunities for mutual  wins in the  process? 3. How will our projects increase property values and consumer demand for the area, thereby increasing the quality of life for stakeholders and residents?



Our goal.

Our goal from day one is and will always be for women to become land owners and real estate moguls, positioned to create jobs for their local economies. `

Time to grow.

Our growth in programming and service necessitates we expand our operations to 1. purchase new state audio-video equipment,

2. administrative technology and personnel,

3. lease (to purchase) a larger space to accommodate our growing Mommie Mogul® Community, and 4. the personnel

to scale our operations.

Invest in women-owned business.

Consider generously donating to our immediate goals. We provide written reports for donations administered through our non-profit for your tax deductions,  Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Message from founder, of MoguL-U Real Estate Academy®, Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul®.  "Invest in training for women to create jobs and economic possibilities in Houston and globally."


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We appreciate your partnership in cultivating women-owned businesses.

Chairidee Smith

Chairidee Smith, Ms. Mogul®

Founder, MoguL-U Real Estate Academy®

Mommies Creating Economies®

CEO, MoguLife Real Estate, LLC