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Our vision is to be the most trusted and sought out source of real estate training and development.


Due to COVID_19 restrictions and lock-downs, we are adapting a pre-recorded modality  for offering our courses.  We do anticipate re-introducing in-person instruction at TransAct Title once we are confident there is no risk to our students, partners, or staff.

Whether an experienced or novice investor, we are positioned to offer relevant education in real estate investing, funding, and business growth nationwide.

What You Can Expect.

Each of our courses is an average of 50 minutes in duration though this is an average.  With the comprehensive instructional video, questions have been anticipated and answered in the presentation, with an accompanying study guide for more personal development.

Once you have purchased the course, your video and study guide will be available for download within 24 hours.

Many of the courses will feature free additional resources and gifts from us to you, in an effort to help you maximize your learning experience.

We value our students and make a tremendous effort to bring quality content for each enrollment.  Though we employ a strict no refund policy, we will make every reasonable effort to satisfy each customer.

We appreciate you continuing your education with us.

2021 Course Selection

*New courses are being up-loaded weekly.

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2021 Calendar Year

Intro To Real Estate Investing: Learn strategies and the business of investing. This session is beneficial for novices and investors with some transactions completed, but want a more comprehensive understanding of the business and industry to thrive in this economy. 

Course Materials:

Instructional Video and Study Guide

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2021 Calendar Year

Seller Financing for  Beginners:

Seller financing is one of those strategies that can create win-win scenarios if executed properly.  Whether you are buying an investment property as a novice or experienced investor, this strategy is a go-to solution when leverage and growth are the goals.  If you are a first-time home buyer or a second-chance buyer, you too can create an opportunity to own with seller financing.  Get the book and learn how now.

Course Materials:

Instructional Video and Study Guide

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2021 Calendar Year

Intro to Wholesaling:  Wholesaling Real Estate. Your introduction to no and low-money down investing. You can achieve real success with this strategy now and in the emerging market.

Free Gift:  5 Steps to wholesaling real estate Checklist

Course Materials:

Instructional Video and Study Guide

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2021 Calendar Year

Intro To Buy & Hold Real Estate:  This strategy is one of the more secure and profitable methodologies of purchasing investment properties. You will learn how to find and acquire the properties, how to leverage the investment for residual income, potentially building a high performing portfolio of properties.

Course Materials:

Instructional Video and Study Guide

Aneechia Dixon Amos,

Serial Entrepreneur 

The Tax Deed Investing class was Amazing. The information I learned taught me more than the basics to get started. Can't wait for the next one.


Nikita Lamar, Attorney At Law

The one-on-one training I received provided a solid foundation on which I plan to build. I will definitely return for more training.


Catrina Williams Frison, CEO of Banner Communications

Women who want to dive into land ownership should not miss this education!