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There are so many labels we ascribe to ourselves; some positive, some negative, some benign, some toxic...labels.

We find our identity in said labels. In light of the MeToo Movement, Times Up, and now I’d like to add, the Create Your Own Economy® movement, with other “pro women’s voice” movements, we are redefining ourselves. That’s powerful! Some much can be known and assumed about you based on your name, your “label” and how you identify yourself.

I’m on that journey now;the journey of defining and redefining. In my book The Roar Of A Woman, I talk about my “warrior persona”. Being married to a toxic, broken narcissist for 12 years, I developed a defense mechanism on steroids. I was hard, not masculine but hard. Guarded. Suspicious. Not trusting… and I became a malignant work-a-holic in pursuit of balance, peace and a world that made sense because nothing in my marriage did. In a most broken place, while watching Disney’s The Lion King, I heard an audible voice from My Father tell me as the movie is playing, “You are more than what YOU have become!” That STILL gives me goosebumps!!

That day, I commented to ascend to a higher reality of myself and have been on that path ever since! While in my prayer time recently, I said told My Father, “I don’t want to be a warrior any more. Make me and dress me as a queen.” There was this force of power and affirmation that filled me and I knew I tapped into a place of promise.

You’re still wondering what all of this has to do with being a “queen” and land ownership, right? Well, get the book for a comprehensive contextual backdrop, but in the meantime, just stay with me. :)

Prior to founding the Create Your Own Economy® movement, I approached entrepreneurship and providing for my two awesome babies with an “I have to grind to produce profit” paradigm. I was (am) profitable in real estate investing, but there was always “the fight” to make things happen. That paradigm shifted after re-alignment in prayer. I’ve never been afraid “to launch”, “to dare”, “to roar”, to grow, entrepreneurship, leadership, or responsibility. I just thought I had to expect opposition to my mobility; I had to expect struggle in matriculating and growing as a woman, catalyst, and business leader, because that was the environment I was forged in. Pressure!

Here’s what I now know and I want to share with you. Warriors don’t own anything. Warriors can expect opposition by sheer manifestation of their presence. Warriors are one dimensional. But watch this! Queens are multi-faceted. They are strategists, governors of lands, teams (populations), lands/borders, and resources. They don’t fight. They don’t war. They use the power of their words to create the reality of their thoughts and decree, but you know what else they use?... Everything at their disposal! They have land, treasure (economic power), and resources - all of why are tools of leverage to EXPAND THE BOUNDARIES AND INFLUENCE of the queendom! Now do you see where this is coming together?

It’s time to re-dress, my friend! All hail the queen!

I am becoming THAT WOMAN. A queen. My mantra now is buy, hold, and rule! Land ownership, residual income from rental properties are affording me a new system to execute authority in. I now have a realm! This is a place where I can now state the quality of life I want for my children, my loved ones and my community(ies). Owning is power and queens know that!

You can find or create your realm of influence as well. Subscribe and let’s begin the journey!

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