Coronavirus And The Economy. Know The Facts.

Many of you like myself are following closely the impact of the Coronvirus on the economy. The market is experiencing yo-yo style volatility - The Dow dropped 2000 points today.

While the times of our world and our economy are reminiscent of 911 according to officials, we should not panic! Know the facts to protect your health and your economy. Here is the link to the CDC for the latest updates and the facts. As with anything, the more you know, and the more you are informed, the better able you are to protect your family and those you love.

As it pertains to your business and your investments in the current, volatile investment market, in my opinion, a solid foothold in real estate investing best safeguards your economic power in comparison to stocks and other investments. That said, I expect the residential market will still feel some effect. Those with heavy mortgage-laden portfolios will want to have a strategy regarding expected negative flux in the market.

In my opinion, this will be a good time to position your finances to buy real estate and land, as many prepare to buy stock investments when the market is down. Here is why (especially if you buy without the use of banks):

1. Land or real estate is a commodity with inherent value. Regardless of the state of financial institutions, it's a commodity ALWAYS in demand. This is inherent economic power.

2. Land and real estate provide cash-flow and liquidity options regardless of the stock market.

3. Land and real estate can still be leveraged in financing and negotiating terms with banks and other lenders.

Do you need to discuss your options and a potential strategy for your holdings?

Schedule a session today to better hedge your success in the market here.

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