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Updated: Feb 23

God knows there is enough going on in the world to keep you dis-stracted, dis-eased, dis-placed, dis-heartened, dis-gusted. Lol!!

I want to take a few minutes to remind you, cheer you, and help re-direct your focus back to your dreams, your vision, and your goals.

Your desire to build a successful business, to fully realize your potential, to make a difference in the world is possible; even now, despite the challenges you face.

Disney's Lion King

Your business is someone else's miracle.

- Dr. James Dentley.

I have to be honest. There have been times when the only thing that kept me going, was that someone else was depending on me, because I was ready to, with justifiable reasons, call it quits. What kept me digging my way out of the trenches and persevering during really challenging times, it there were people I loved, employees, contractors, and vendors I cared about (and their families), and I would not let them down. Find whatever cause you need to keep you committed to your goals and use it to keep going. The causes that push us the most to be successful are usually the ones that are bigger than us.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a group of women entrepreneurs and in that meeting, I challenged leaders to think bigger, to stretch themselves to pursue bigger goals, and to employ excellence as their modus operandi.

I am a huge fan and student of the business principles of Dr. Dennis Kimbro and I quote him often in this video. The video starts a little slow with the host waiting for participants to log on. Please fast forward to about 1:38 in the video to get to the presentation.

But a take a listen with an open heart and open mind. My hope is that you will be inspired, informed. and motivated to #MakeMogulMoves and #CreateYourOwnEconomy.