If Your Family Were A Nation: Economic Paradigm Shift For Families

I tend to be "purple" politically with a conservative bent; I have always been pro-family and a staunch proponent of individual rights.

Time and time again you will hear me declare, "Our answers are not in government or in someone else deciding what's best for us. Those answers are within us." Let me tell you, the ecosystem in our nation's politics, economy, and faith-based communities is re-calibrated for our individual genius to shine through.

My undergrad degree is in Political Science and International Studies and to this day, governance is a foreboding passion of mine. The juxtaposition of my ideals to today's culture may seem a bit traditional but they are tried and true, and they work!

If my family were a sovereign state - a nation, this is how I would lead that nation through the current crisis:

1. Declare a national day of prayer and repentance. 2. Assess health needs of the most vulnerable populations. Mandate clean eating and exercise to keep the populations healthy. The nation is as strong as its weakest "link". 3. Form a summit with the elders/experienced leaders who've survived historical crises and young innovators for fresh ideas, systems, and innovation.

Create a generational solution. 4. Assess your economic power and needs of other nations. MEET SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

5. Create a culture of cooperation, mutual respect, advocacy to each "citizen", fiscal and resource conservation, and moral reverence and observance.


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