Land can be a profitable investment for you!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Here are a few ways you can use land and land ownership to leverage your asset to #CreateYourOwnEconomy and #MakeMogulMoves.

1. Flip it.

I prefer to always look for a way to buy and hold but, there are times when "flipping" the land may be best in achieving your overall investment goals.

2. Turn Raw Land into Improved Land.

Improving means you are getting the highest and best use of the property. You're adding a home or building to the property to increase its value.

3. Buy and Wait for the Value to Go Up.

Again. I love the idea of buying and holding land whether it's immediately improved or not. Seldom does land ever decrease in value. You can hold it long-term while it appreciates, and still build value while you wait for the best to time improve, or exercise your next investment goal.

4. Create a Campground.

Here again, we're thinking highest and best use. Camp grounds can be seasonal but extremely lucrative. Can you say, "Residual income!?"

5. Rent Out a Tiny Home or Vacation Home.

Cha-ching!!! $$$

6. Rent or Lease Out the Property.

Cha-ha-ha-ching!!! $$$

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