Land Investing Is Possible for You.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Success in business as in anything, has a great deal to do with timing, planning and intention.

You may have noticed the rental markets are experiencing a few challenges according to current trends and models. These challenges are primarily due to the working-class' loss of wages, our tenants are furloughed, and the activation of rental moratoriums.

Our government is strained. With Congress in constant grid-lock, it is economic suicide to rely solely on the passing of stimulus bills for populus bailout.

Here is what I am saying directly to you: If your investment strategy can not pivot, diversify, or move in the counter-direction of the negativity of the market, you are in trouble. You simply can not afford to be a one-dimensional investor.

I've taught many of you how to enter the rental market as a landlord with and without Section 8. I've taught you wholesaling real estate for profits, and tax liens and tax deeds. I've shown you how to leverage strategies like seller-financing to create cash flow., and if you want to re-fresh your knowledge, just click on the graphic on the “seller financing” and download materials from our on-line book store.

During all of those sessions, I showed you all my personal land holdings and shared my enthusiasm for land investing, not knowing during those times that Covid-19 was on the horizon. I just had a hunch...based on market analysis.

Well, here we are, in the midst of a pandemic which makes it increasingly difficult to build traditional rental portfolios due to community spread. It's time to have a discussion about how to do this business more succinctly, remotely, streamlining our processes to maximise profits and


Land investing offers a plethora of benefits and solutions for the current environment and best of all, there are no "tenant issues" and typically, you work with the seller directly.

There are generally 10 general categories of potential land investments:

  • Residential development land

  • Commercial development land

  • Row crop land

  • Livestock-raising land

  • Timberland

  • Mineral production land

  • Vegetable farmland

  • Vineyards

  • Orchards

  • Recreational land

I'll host a "blog series" on each of these areas, hopefully providing you with the information necessary to make sound business decision about your portfolio. I want to reiterate: YOU CAN INVEST LIKE A MOGUL® AND MAKE A TON OF MONEY EVEN IN THIS VOLATILE CLIMATE. Schedule an appointment to discuss your possible strategy You just need to understand, timing, planning, and intention within your strategy.

You CAN create your own economy®.

Our Corporate Cause.

CEO, investor, landowner and clean farming advocate, Chairidee Smith partners with local governments, "green" farmers, and clean eating advocates to create sustainable, whole foods gardens to create jobs, increase healthy living, diminish the presence of urban and rural food deserts.

American families are food poor and the disparities in accessible, nutritious food options is glaring.

Partner with Ms. Smith and the MoguLIfe family of businesses to eradicate food desserts. Click her for more information.

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