#LandLiving Heals The Body

#LandLiving is multi-faceted and is becoming a renewed way of life.

As many of you may know, Mommies Creating Economies (MCE) and MoguLife Real Estate facilitates residential real estate and land deals. However, that simply isn't all there is to working with our brand.

MCE is a diverse brand, bringing you the absolute best in living, healing, and thriving in real estate and all the benefits of land ownership.

So, we have decided to incorporate blogs and resources showcasing not just the sales aspect of what we do, but the lifestyle possibilities for you as well.

Because we are also expanding our postings to include lifestyle content, here is a recipe for an awesome, "healthFUL" drink I made for my family. My team and I would love for you to try it and post your feedback.

#LandLiving Super Drink For Super Health.

My recipe: Everything is made "to-taste". Here’s a “drink concoction” I made for the family:

  1. organic cranberries (no sugar),

  2. organic hibiscus 🌺 leaves,

  3. “home-grown” oranges🍊, and

  4. a couple of tea spoons of honey 🍯 to sweetened and add more medicinal goodness.

Preparation Instructions:

I boiled on a low heat, in a gallon of spring water, all of the ingredients for about 15 mins. You can choose to peel or not peal your oranges. Be particularly careful not to "cook" all of the nutrition out from the ingredients. Every stove heats differently, so keep an eye on the color. It should be a deep red following your heat time.

THEN, I boosted with #TLC’s #Techui and #NRG. Read the labels in the pictures for TLC benefits.

Now, to the ingredients and their benefits:


  • high nutrient and antioxidant content.

  • lower risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), prevention of certain types of cancer,

  • improved immune function, and

  • decreased blood pressure


  • packed with antioxidants

  • may help lower blood pressure

  • may help lower blood fat levels

  • may boost liver health

  • could promote weight loss

  • contains compounds that may help prevent certain cancers

  • could help fight bacteria


high in Vitamin C

  • healthy immune system boost

  • prevents skin damage

  • keeps blood pressure moderate

  • lowers cholesterol

  • controls blood sugar level

  • lowers the risk of cancer


(Raw is better for you than pasteurized honey.)

  • antibacterial action

  • wound-healing effects

  • dietary antioxidants

  • anti-inflammatory

It’s great warm or cold. It’s also full of antioxidants, boost the immune system, helps heal the common cold, great for digestion, could be used to regulate diabetes, and it’s been known to help fight free radicals causing various cancers.

I’m not a doctor but I do practice healing and these practices have kept me and my family healthy for years.

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Salud! Here’s to your health and wealth.

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