Landlords and COVID 19. Relationships can soften your economic blow.

(I have new accessories.😷😇)

Landlords, be vigilant because at some point this ... pandemic ...will end.

I went out in the rain (that's just my hustle) checking on the status of clients' and personal rental properties.

While out surveying clients assets, It became more evident to me, the antidote against severe economic losses in this downturn. The answer is relationships.

HERE'S MY ADVICE. to survive the current and projected economic times.


1. Remain safe but reiterate with tenants the expectations of keeping themselves safe and property up-to-par during the #Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Cleanliness and hygienic care keeps tenants safe long-term, keeps your property from negative citations from the City and Dept of Health, and helps you keep the property leased longer term.

3. Be as proactive as you can be in saving your business.

Amicable relationships and clear communication with tenants, saves your investment. This will end, but how you are positioned post pandemic will depend on how you and your tenants weather this storm. You can - with their participation and cooperation.

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