Mogul Mommie® Maintenance: Don't Let Yourself Go.

It's easy to "let yourself go" and forgo self-care and weight management right now. But I want to discourage that notion.

Ladies, weight-management, self-care, and exercise not only boost your immune systems but also your mental health.

Here are are few of my go-to's when my life is more sedentary than usual: 1. Prayer and meditation for focus. (No phone, responding to texts, etc before then. HARD FOR ME but necessary for proper alignment.

2. Daily vitamins with immune boost and metabolism boost. 3. WATER, WATER. WATER. (It keeps your skin bright and clear, while eliminating waste and toxins from the body.

4. Lemon and ginger daily with warm water. Again this drink is full of anti-oxidants which removes "free radicals" from the body and boosts immunity in your health and weight maintenance.

5. WALK. MOVE. RUN THE STAIRS IN YOUR HOME. DO SOMETHING TO MOVE YOUR BODY. 6. Use your body's weight for resistance and strength training while inside.

7. Drink a 16 oz. of apple cider vinegar mixture (with the "mother" in it) and water. It's gross but IT WORKS to eliminate waste and keep your waistline in tact.

8. LAY OFF THE BREAD, SIS! Unless it's a true whole grain bread, try to refrain from foods like bread and milk that cause bloating and mucus build up in the body.

9. Remember to manage what you can and give the rest to Yah. Nothing kills your body and healthy cellular growth faster than worry and stress.

10. Moisturize your hair, skin, and nails daily. (There is NOTHING cute about being "crusty". :D!!) I love old school coco-butter and shea-butter. Both leave this Lioness® feeling silky and radiant.


There is nothing out of your reach here. Most of what you need to care for yourself is in your immediate environment. Prioritize yourself...and let your family see you do so.

It's a valuable lesson they'll take with them for a lifetime. #MommiesCreatingCulturesOfWellness&Wholeness #LionessLiving

#QueendomLiving #ManageYourLife

Though the times seem uncertain, there is something we DO know - this won't last forever.

The most effective use of this time is strategic planning for the economic days ahead, while creating partnerships with synergy, and amassing the necessary resources to leverage your position in the market.

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