Why I Love Land Investing 2.0

You may be asking why does Ms. Mogul® love land investing? The is answer is the

older I get, the less I appreciate working with tenants! I'll also add, profit margins in land investing withstand recession and inflation in the market. That's huge.

I have a birthday coming up this year. I'll be one year older if The Creator permits. I certainly don't want to use it listening to nagging tenants.

With land there is...

  • No inspections to decide if your work is acceptable (whether Section 8 or not.)

  • No large capital investments to begin investing.

  • No sleezy contractors to deal with.

  • No bank loans necessary. I can cash-flow and self finance the deal.

  • No tenants from hell.

Land gives you quick turn around with low hassle. Plus, this business is easy to scale with far less competition than other niches.

Another reason, I am warming up to land investing is that it takes far less to see a return with less upfront capital. It's virtually recession proof unlike with other niches I am invested in.

Want more information on land investing? Please see the initial blog here.

I'd like to show you the ins and outs of real estate investing. If this particular niche is of interest to you, schedule an appointment and let's strategize your investment growth. Money has not left earth, you just have to know how to find it.

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