Create Your Own Economy® is a mantra - a movement.   Chairidee Smith also known as Ms. Mogul® is a successful real investor, portfolio manager and wealth strategist. For more than a decade, Ms. Smith has worked with businesses, government officials, leaders, and educational organizations creating opportunities for business leaders to thrive, fueling local and many times, global economies.


Now more than ever, while American businesses and its workforce are hemorrhaging, Ms. Smith’s business paradigms and philosophies are more needed and relevant than ever.


Ms. Smith is a global women's business leadership speaker and thought-leader.  She is the CEO of MoguLife Real Estate®, Founder of Mommies Creating Economies®, MoguL-U Real Estate Academy®, Roar Women’s Network®, and Girls Global Leadership Day®. 


She is the mother of two wonderful and future world-changers.  Her first book, The Roar Of A Woman is available at and on Amazon.


Create Your Own Eonomy launches  October, 2020.

Create Your Own Economy®


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