We're creating jobs and building the local economies.

Mommies Creating Economies® is a subsidiary of MoguLife Real Estate, LLC.

A key component of our company's model is a one-stop-shop business model. We provide construction, project management, and  sell-to-market options for our clients and students.  In addition, we offer trusted strategies, increasing our clients' profitability.

Contracting us to facilitate your project provides experienced oversight of your deadlines, creates jobs in your property's local market and creates a win-win scenario of your  project.

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Scope Of Work

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We are a 100% woman-owned business, with our primary focus on land and real estate acquisitions, multi-family projects, and wholesaling investment properties. Operations are in the Texas, Mississippi, and Florida markets to date with immediate plans for market expansion.


Scope of Work Reports are intended to give shareholders and other interested people information about the company's activities, performance capacity, and performance.


This summary of a typical rehab project is compiled to provide potential stakeholders, government/prime and sub-contractors, clients, students and investors a perspective of our company's capacity and areas of expertise. This is by no means an exhaustive profile.

"I am an accounting manager with a decent job. I knew I wanted to increase my income and  transition into working for myself . Ms. Smith helped me buy and rehab a house as a single woman, with a modest income, and now I am a profitable landlord. , I'm cash-flowing more than I earn on my job!"

—D. Hutchinson, Accounting Mgr.

City of Houston

"I was left an income-producing property in a will but heir-ship was not documented properly. Because of that, the deceased's family assumed rights to the rental income and I received nothing. Thanks to Ms. Smith my rights to the property were established. In addition to that, she is helping me devise a strategy ensuring I am provided for in retirement. Thank you, Ms. Smith." 

— Sandra P., Retired Educator